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Help Unmask our Vision!

Come be one of the many community members excited about supporting the Jude House’s vision of a recovery campus! Mental health and substance use are real and affect everyone in one way or another. The Jude House is a product of compassionate, considerate, empathetic, and supportive volunteers, employees, and community partners.

This campus will provide a path towards our patient’s road to recovery, reunite families, and reduce recidivism. We need to celebrate a person’s desire to become a productive community member, by assisting with structure and therapeutic needs. There are very few households who have not been hurt by this disease and thirty days is not enough time. After the physical affects have subsided, working on the mental aspect is imperative. Essentially learning a whole new lifestyle. Watching that transformation is inspiring and incredible. We are blessed to have a unique, essential, and revolutionary program which allows our patients to receive three phases of treatment over a 6-to-9-month span.

With the new building our patients will have individual therapy space, functional equipment, and a new environment to get well in. We believe that getting better coincides with feeling better, which includes their atmosphere. Many of our patients have come from prison or jail and are getting a chance to heal and find a purpose while gaining from our different re-entry programs including mentorship, vocational skills, and education.